Playland Guests

Playland packed this weekend. Helicopter demonstration, music, rides and roller-coasters. 



Playland Helps Raise $38 Million: Great Cause

Playland is Westchester County’s number one rallying point for fundraisers and has helped raise awareness and tens of millions of dollars for worthy causes over the years. 

The latest Playland event helped raise $38 million to cure cystic fibrosis. 

Seahorses Ride Again

The first of two magnificent tower renovations is nearing completion and the seahorses reign again.  The stunning workmanship is truly inspiring —  a great start to the summer.



Cupola before being positioned at the top of the tower.



Tower pre-cupola.

Same Food Different Year: Playland and Culinart


Like the healthy food options at Rye Playland? Let Mr. Pacifico know:

Would other concessionaires offer higher quality food at reasonable prices? It’s hard to know because the agreement with Culinart is a lease/licence/concesion and exempt from Westchester’s Procurement Policy under Section 3 (b)


2012 Rye Playland Concerts: Procurement Policy Sidestepped

Westchester County is teaming up with Big Bar Entertainment llc of the Bronx to hold six concerts on Monday nights. Big Bar is renting Playland for approximately $25,000 per concert or 17% of gate receipts, whichever is greater. In addition, the County will split parking revenue 50/50 with Big Bar.

Westchester County will staff the park at an estimated cost of $25,428 per concert.

Would other concert promoters offer more and bring in better acts? It’s hard to know because the agreement with Big Bar is a lease/licence/concesion and exempt from Westchester’s Procurement Policy under Section 3 (b). 

County to Taxpayers: Tee it Up


Opening Day For County Owned Links 

WHITE PLAINS—Responding to questions about opening day and the county budget, officials from county-owned Dunlawn Pro Shop sought Friday to reassure wondering taxpayers that the six county owned golf courses and golf shops are 100 percent profitable and posed absolutely no tax burden as long as people keep focusing only on Playland. “With the advanced online tee-time reservation system and financial controls we have in place, the pro shops and golf courses in this county could never, ever lose money, unless revenues go down, it’s a rainy summer, or fertilizer and pesticide expenses go up,” said county golf pro Carl Spackler, insisting that while the county government shouldn’t be in the business of running miniature golf courses, it’s extremely qualified to run lots of big golf courses. “Also, when you consider all the roads and bridges the county maintains, cart paths are nothing.” Spackler added that unlike amusement parks, golf is totally a year round activity, except when it’s cold or raining.

County Officials Baffled by Playland Attendance

RYE, NY— In a surprising turn of events, lots of people showed up to Playland last month. “While it’s true we’ve been doing everything possible to keep people away, you can imagine our surprise when lines formed at the Dragon Coaster and other signature rides,” assistant park director Dan McAlvan said yesterday. Experts are still unsure exactly what’s driving demand, pointing to more than fifty basic weaknesses in the way the county chooses to operate and market the park.

"We botched the 4th of July fireworks, dragged our feet on the bathhouse renovation, jacked up the price of the baseball toss, took away the dragon coaster photos, monkeyed with the admission policy, served unappetizing food, blasted 1980’s elevator music — heck, we even threw heaps of smelly trash by the front entrance — yet the crowds keep showing up,” said McAlvan. “I just don’t get it, good thing it’s been rainy.”

A spokesperson for the county executive shared McAlvan’s mixture of confusion and resolve. “We’re not giving up, we’ll shut down Playland Parkway if we have to,” said the official. “Only fish, birds and people with boats will be able to get there.”

Seagulls eye piles of trash “parked” just steps from the main entrance. 

Seagulls eye piles of trash “parked” just steps from the main entrance. 

Go Cart Line is long but it moves fast!

Go Cart Line is long but it moves fast!